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NameJordan Jones (m)

Date21-12-2013 18:21

CityNew York

VERY helpful blog post. I've done lots of digging around online and this was the best site I found for info about Enfield touring.

So, hate to ask for even more help but maybe you can point me in the right direction. I bought a 2006 Bullet Standard. I am going to drive it from India to Spain. I am in India on an employment visa so I have residence status. Im trying to find someone who knows all that must be dont to register it as a foreign resident AND what I need to take it out of the country. Do you know about this or can you direct me to someone who would?

Feel free to follow my trip at www.thescenicroutethroughlife.com

Thanks for everything, hope all is well on your side of the world.

Reaction : Glad you appreciated the blog, thanks for the positive feedback.

Unfortunately I can not help you any further with your question. All the best with it and enjoy the journey.

NameNani (m)

Date18-08-2013 20:29


Anybody help me in my decision about my bullet@1984, I'm living out of India now because of Job purpose. It should be next three years. I want to maintain the same bullet after three years. Is there any precautions I suppose to take or I can sell. my bullet. i dnt want to give any body to maitain my bullet

NameTom (m)

Date28-01-2013 17:10


This has been really informative and interesting, thank you!

I am planning to do a trip over a month or two from Jammu to Leh and then the Spiri falley. Have a bunch of time so wont be pushing the bike too hard.

I want to go for a lighter Honda (or something similar) as I have neither the patience nor skill to deal with an Enfield.Do you think they can handle the trip?

Thanks again.

Reaction : Hi Tom.

Back in 2009 I had met an Indian man traveling on a Honda Unicorn 150cc to Nubra valley, thus traveling over India's highest road just outside Leh. I have also met an Indian man traveling to Manali from Leh on a new Bajaj Pulsar (180cc?).

So in short yes the bike can handle the trip, you might just have to be a bit creative/economical with the luggage. Having said that, I can strap my backpack onto the back of a scooter in Thailand so for sure you can do the same on these bikes.


NameAshok (m)

Date08-12-2011 12:42

CityNew Delhi

Hi Jean,

hey I really enjoyed you so very informative blog. I dont bike but i found the bit about transporting the bike useful for my cousin who has to go through this pain. Thank you.


Date28-10-2011 06:09

This is a reply to some questions from Benedict in the UK.

Reaction : **** Firstly, what did you generally wear?
Actually I just wore travellor clothes (as in the photos on the web); cheap copy of a NorthFace Trekking jacket and ski goves for when it was cold. I almost never wore my helmet unless I was in a big city or it was raining. I only had one pair of shoes and they were gortex lined trekking shoes (but not water proof because they had too many holes in them...)

I bought a pair of plastic overpants in India and they leaked around the crutch on the first time I wore them. Eventually I bought a 'better' pair from Nepal which leaked a little less.. I used trekking gaiters to cover the top of the shoes and my socks. Basically all the water proof gear I had wasnt; it just helped me to keep warm.... Everything I had I bought in India or Nepal.

Before I use to always wear good protection clothing. But then in the West the speeds are higher, and the police/laws are strict! Actually when I came to India I never expected to buy a bike thus I had no gear with me. (All my motorcycle stuff is in storage in Australia.)

So what to bring? I guess that depends on how you travel. If you are just comming to India and then flying back home again, brining some motorcycle gear is practical. If you are planning to goto the Himalayas (and I mean above 2000m) I would bring winter gloves and a good, light weight, warm/waterproof jacket. Also a decent light water proof over pants too.

I would also bring some face masks! Keep the sun off your face and stop breathing that polution. In Thailand I use a washable face mask.

For the rest of India anything is too hot. Keep it light weight, light in colour to reflect the sun and long enough to cover your arms and legs. I often wore sandals when it was hot.

**** Secondly, did you travel without insurance?
I didnt have any. Hospitals in India are very cheap. When I saw doctors in India (always about my stomach and food poisoning) I paid about 30 Rs per visit. A Course of anti biotics costed 50Rs. Remember a prayer to Geneisha and or Vishnu helps too...

NameBiPolar (m)

Date08-07-2011 13:06

Good Service to many...Peace.

NameAmol (m)

Date12-01-2011 16:13


Hi , Great stuff and a lot of usefull info aspecially for new riders..your blog helped me a lot...thanks again..

NameAnanth (m)

Date10-10-2010 18:50


Myself Ananth B.E student looking for a good priced ,used enfield.I must say your article on the enfield is highly comendable!You should have got a phd degree on bikes for all your experience!
I still havent read your full article,no surprise,going by the size of it but i will for sure.My dream is to ride to manali and ladhak on a bike,I have found a new role model in you!

Namearasu (m)

Date03-09-2010 04:29


hi enjoyed reading your page very useful for me as iam planning to switch from karizma to bullet in few days...very surprising that uyou observed a lot of things in a short span of time that too india ...

Namesambo (m)

Date09-05-2010 14:55


good work.
i am very happy to see people sharing their experience. i have been in laddakh last summer and i am going back this summer. my flight leaves tomorrow from bangkok and i can't wait to get there. this time i will try to get a sweet 500cc bullet 5 speed. i hope i will find one in delhi...
thanks, be good and have fun

Nameshaji (m)

Date29-07-2009 14:30


thanks for the details


Date09-01-2009 07:24

I am interested to tour around Nepal/India by myself on a motorcycle. As you recommended a Honda, which model would be best?


Reaction : Hi Pete. As yet there doesnt seem to be so many different Honda models in India.

The people I met touring had a Unicorn and it looks and rides great. (did a short test ride myself). Its a 150cc with single mono shock suspension. Comes with all the good stuff like electric start, trip & fuel meter and disk brakes. And its a genuine Honda, not a collaboration with a local company.

see http://www.honda2wheelersindia...

good luck

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